Rip sour blue chug rug

2021.12.01 05:42 jomahuntington Rip sour blue chug rug

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2021.12.01 05:42 ChazGower Happy Birthday!!! Dec 01, 1998 (23) Karin Miyamoto (宮本 佳林)

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2021.12.01 05:42 Maximum_Woodpecker17 Which professions are more people oriented?

This is the message that a friend sent me. He wishes to transition from being a product designer to something that is more people oriented. Would really appreciate your help.
Just to fill you with some background, I am always in a search of new career options that align with my end goal in my life. I don’t know but I feel sharing this goal with you.
My end goal in my life is to do something “real”.
I want to help people in life. I want to spread positivity in people’s lives. I want to spend time with people listen to their feelings! I want to stay away from digital things and want to live a life with people and help people. This is not me thinking about all these all of a sudden. I was quite sure about this in my college. I am in a search of this career for a long time.
Do you know any such career options? Which aligns with my interests? One career option I can think of is career counselling. But I don't know whether it can be self-taught or not.
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2021.12.01 05:42 happy_gamer10 What's was your dream car as a teenager and did you ever get one?

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2021.12.01 05:42 SAtechnewsbot Capitec Launches Free Payments Solution

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2021.12.01 05:42 anaurism want some feedback about this mix

tomorrow ill go get a pioneer ddj 400 and want to know if you think this would make a good first set when I get the DJ deck (this was made with a mouse and virtual dj) do you think at least the song selection is good?
Alone sessions 3 by an3urysm | Mixcloud

some feedback? please
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2021.12.01 05:42 Krojy12 A lesson in Dnd

This is my second time talking about this on the sub-reddit. The first time was not clear and my emotions got in the way of accuracy as the issues were still fresh in my mind. What I am talking about is a dnd group that eventually drove me away.
First off, these were a group of guys I had met through the game Warhammer 40k. I was a Tau player (Feel free to rag on them. God knows I do it too.) and they were a mixture of imperial and xeno factions. I didn't know they played dnd until after Covid hit. I had fallen out of touch with them and reconnected because I was feeling the effects of isolation. When I finally joined them, we started a new campaign set in a homebrew universe with our own rule set.
The roster:
Me- a nice guy just wanting to have some fun in dnd
Tank- He typically played the big beefy characters in games.
Mage- He played a telepath and was the support of the group. An all around cool guy.
Mole- He played a mole man who would shit post on everything
DM- our story teller and one of the main cause of why I left.

Our game started almost a year ago. The universe we were in was basically medieval Europe in space with sci-fi guns designed and named with a historical context. It was a good universe with its flaws and was pretty grimdark at times. You had the Psionist Church that took the place of Christianity and followed along with what Christianity did before modern times and it controlled a good portion of the galaxy.
I made an Inquisitor in service to the Church. His name was Klaus and he grew up in an orphanage on a backwater planet. He was the dps of the group and he fought mainly with a halberd. He was eventually given a psychic partner after years of him asking for one. Her name was Polly and everyone at the table loved her. DM did everyone's session zeros set six months after Polly and Klaus started working together.
My session zero started out fine. Polly was a devout servant of the Lord and Klaus was not. But, he had more experience and had to taker under his wing. "Awesome," I thought, "Someone I can build a relationship and make a loyal and trusted friend out of." My session zero ends with me getting shot off a cliff by Polly in a act of betrayal and I am stoked since it was caused by finding a piece of information that could invalidate their entire religion and beliefs. Klaus wanted to pursue it, Polly wanted to destroy it. But during the session zero, DM was trying to be sly about Polly developing a crush on Klaus. I am someone who is not comfortable with romance in dnd. So when I noticed this and DM confirmed my suspicions, I made it clear that Klaus did not see her that way. Make note because it will come up.
After a lengthy adventure and a trap that I caused by writing a letter to Polly, we finally got to see the full scope of this conspiracy that was unfolding on Klaus's homeworld. There was a religious revolt going down. Klaus was betrayed by his boss the Bishop and Polly got partnered with a prick who tortured the poor girl into becoming his lackey. The orphanage Klaus grew up in was under attack and his mother figure who ran was about to be kidnapped. So leading up to the start of all of the problems I want everyone to know. When I play any roleplaying game, I stay true to the character. This can be to the detriment to the party sometimes, but I do not use the "It's what my character would do," line as an excuse. These are my decisions in the mind of the character. I will own them and stand by them each and every time.
We ride out to the orphanage Klaus grew up in. The cities he knew were burning. His partner, the one he cared about and forgave is in a bad situation. His "mother" was being kidnapped and the orphanage was being attacked by space nazis. This is a character who, up and to this point, has remained calm and collected. He has had him moments of recklessness like how he brought and injured non combatant into a combat zone to catch some cultists.
We rolled up on the orphanage and found the nazis there. We didn't know whether the attack was over until after the fight, but I made the decision, as the character, that my number one priority was to ensure the safety of Klaus's mother. This meant running past two armed soldiers, hitting one as I moved and running into a room with two more guys. There was another room off to the side that was the chapel and it had two guys in there as well and there were three more guys showing up outside. Needless to say, I got gunned down immediately, but my luck allowed for most of them to use up their actions before they turned their sights to the rest of the party. It was just Tank and Mage there and they struggled to keep me alive so I could do damage and not be killed themselves. Needless to say, it was a tough fight with opponents that were stronger than we anticipated and maybe a few more than were necessary with me doing a dumb. Especially since we arrived to late and the attack was already over.
Both the party and DM came down on me hard for this. Mage didn't say anything and somewhat agreed with my decision while Tank was upset that I almost ruined his fun. I explained that with all of the emotions running through Klaus's head and the fact that he didn't know if the attack was over or not, his first priority was to save those he cared about. DM also critisized me for my decision saying, "Klaus has shown to be a strategist. He should have been able to sit back and think clearly." When panic sets in, logical thought gets thrown out the window.
Later, after were healed up and got the kids, all of them survived, out of there we fought our way through a war torn city to the space port where I had a touching reunion with Polly and killed her new partner. We took down the Bishop who betrayed both Inquisitors and hijacked a ship to rescue Klaus's mom who also had a strong bond with Mage. Now comes the second major issue. The forced romance.
After we began our journey to save Klaus's mom and added Mole to the team, the party decided to play match maker with Klaus and Polly. As stated earlier, I made it clear to DM that Klaus did not feel that way. We originally played it up for laughs. Polly would try to flirt with Klaus, Klaus ignored her. Someone in the party tried getting Klaus undress Polly with his eyes, Klaus blew them off and did something else. One of the big reasons I did not pursue a romance with Polly, aside from my own discomfort, was the fact that she was dealing with a lot of PTSD from her time with the abusive partner. If Klaus ever felt that way towards her, he did not want to make things awkward because of her trauma. It was going fine and I was having fun until the nat 20 that changed everything. Mage accidentally brainwashed Klaus.
A quick run down of the rules. Every stat and skill was assigned a die starting at d4. As you leveld up skills and upgraded the ability modifiers, the die would increase to the next tier. A d4 would become a d6 and so on to the maximum of a d20. Psychic powers were a skill on their own and you had the ability to overcast with it. It meant that you could use the next tier of dice to a maximum of a d20. Mage had managed to upgrade his telepathy skills to where when he overcasted, he was using d20's. Klaus was training with his halberd when Mage decided to do a simple telepathic message to Klaus. He just wanted to pretend to me Klaus's conscious and try to make him think every miss with the training dummy was a chance missed with Polly. He overcasted to build up the skill and rolled a natural 20.
We all found it hilarious and wondered what would happen. Then DM said, "You accidentally brainwash Klaus to fall for Polly." And just like that, Klaus was falling for Polly, something I never wanted. Everyone jumped in on the chance to build on it and get Klaus with Polly. I continued to resist and even looked for ways to break the brainwash. I even talked to DM to figure out ways I could get Klaus out of this situation without metagaming or delving into the realm of Mary Sue because Klaus did not know he was brainwashed. This went of for several sessions. It finally got to the point where I ended up breaking Polly's heart and had everyone in the party and everyone in the world angry at me for doing this. I cannot count the number of times NPC's punched Klaus in the face because he broke her heart because I did not want that for his character. Even after i broke her heart and rescued her again from danger, the party still tried and this time they succeeded in getting Klaus with Polly because I just got worn down over the countless sessions of this going on. DM wasn't any help to me because he too wanted this to happen and when I challenged him he said, "You were not clear on what you wanted." Needless to say, I went home frustrated and had another in game problem to solve with my discomfort levels through the roof.
At this point some of you are probably wondering why I did not talk with the group about my feelings. The issue was that I felt like I couldn't. They were the type of guys that would mock you for being uncomfortable about something and call you a pussy. On top of it all, I was constantly ridiculed by Mole and Tank for making mistakes when I had not information to run on. One example was we were on a planet used as a retirement plan for soldiers. We were helping out a general find her kids and I get stopped by one of her neighbors as we are trying to investigate the generals home. I am playing it cool and trying not to raise suspicions because we were asked to keep things quiet when it is revealed by DM that the neighbor used to be the general's commanding officer. The only clue I was given was a scar over the eye. I got ridiculed by both Mole and DM for not picking on the "obvious" clue. Hell, I didn't even know it was a retirement home for soldiers of that particular army.
Throughout the whole game, Mole was constantly trying to shit post on everything to the point he almost intentionally caused as tpk by poking the big scary boss enemy not one was ready to fight. Both Tank and I had to make very clear that we would walk out the door if his did that before he decided not to. The bastard even giggled when got uspset.
During all of this, Polly is starting to frustrate me. Here I am, hoping she'll grow as a character, but DM made trauma and "I love Klaus" her personality six months into the campaign both in game and out. I was hoping Polly would overcome her trauma some and have it not effect her, but instead I got a ten ton weight strapped to my character because Polly was too dependent on him. When it came time for her to confide in people, DM made her confide in everyone but the man she was suppose to have a strong relationship with. I wanted them to become a power duo that were hardened by the trials and tribulations of their past, but no, Klaus had to take care of Polly every. single. fucking. session. like she was some child that was scared of the dark. I wanted opportunities for her and Klaus to talk about what happened. Moments where they learned a bit about each other, but it was overshadowed by the Klaus and Polly shipping. Seriously, he had Polly design a couples tattoo for both of them when there was no sign they were going to get together.
I couldn't say anything because I learned at this point that whenever I tried to raise my concerns DM that the story and characters are lacking in areas and even give my own advice on the matter, I was met with back lash and excuses. It didn't help that all of his characters were 2D memes and stereotypes and he thought they were perfect creations. It finally came to a head when Mage and I eventually tried running games of our own.
I ran a Pathfinder game that lasted one session while Mage's Pathfinder 2e lasted two with me there. The one session I ran in the group I admit fault on my part for making the first encounter way to hard. I through bandits at a party of three; Tank, DM, and Mage. I looked at the CR rating and saw 1/2 and thought, "Okay two of those will give one level 1 adventurer trouble." I was suppose to know better because I ran a couple of one shots and did the CR rating properly, but this was my mistake and I own it. The other half, the half that made me realize it was not going to work was the party's fault.
I created a story set in a Russian styled kingdom. DM wanted to play kingmaker and wanted to do some Machiavellian shenanigans. Several times I had to remind him that he needed to be patient as there were all level one and he wouldn't be able to do his kingmaker stuff until around level 10 when everyone had made enough of a name for themselves. Mage made a druid who hated metal, but I was fine and was looking into fun ways to get his to accept it. and Tank made and artificer, and asked no questions about the world. I didn't even know where he wanted to be from until the first session. I even told everyone to feel free to add to the world because nothing was set in stone yet.
I am not a dungeon master who does sessions zeros. I don't really have the time to organize them all. I got blamed for not getting enough information out to people. I got criticized when the first session was not long enough. I was criticized for not being expressive enough with the npc's. No one took time to explore the people or the world. Tank and DM, while hired to escort a caravan, left multiple times to do some archeology as the caravan was on the move. Mage was the only one who took the time to get to know the world or find a way to work with everyone. After the session we went into Mage's game and reached the point where I finally left.
We were doing Pathfinder 2e this time and all of us made new characters, except for DM. He just brought over his P1 character to try the kingmaker thing again. Tank made a wizard who was annoying and Mole made Steve from Minecraft. There were a few good laughs there. I made a barbarian gangster who wanted to build a criminal empire. I made this choice because we were operating out of a city that was acting as a hub world for us. My plan was simple, do an adventure and use the gold to build my resources. DM wanted to hire mercenaries and ditch the party every now and then to go campaigning in a war torn area of the continent. Things came to a head after the second session.
We were taking a job well outside our level. We were level 1 and we fought a CR6 monster. Mage had actually told me outside of game to get help or we would all die. So I found ways for my character to come to that conclusion and hire two mercs to help us out. I was the only one who did this, but we made it out in the end victorious. As I was plotting how to make up my losses in the fight, I asked the party why I was the only one who did this. Not the best question I know. Mole said he didn't know what to do, Tank's character literally crawled out of a sewer and had no idea what currency is and DM said that Mage told him not to hire Mercs.
I corrected his saying Mage told me different and all hell broke. DM was adamite that what he was told was correct and Mage had to tell him he took things out of context. Then DM started making up excuses like, "My character doesn't trust the adventurer's guild," or, "She has the ego of a mountain so it did not cross her mind." When I pressed, trying to get him to listen and grow as a player by admitting for once that he made a mistake, he accused me of busting his balls and being salty over losing my share of the reward money. My character was a criminal, money wasn't exactly an issue if you knew how steal it. IT eventually boiled down into an argument with DM trying write off his behavior as, "I'm just tired." When I called him out for trying to weasel away from the consequences, Tank called me a dick. After we both calmed down, I began to quietly slip away from the group and feel better for it.
I am not as angry with my surroundings anymore. I surrounded myself with friends and family who care about me. I even joined a new gaming group where I feel like I belong. It has taken some time to get over this group and I am not quite there yet, but I am looking forward to the next dnd game I am going to run.
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2021.12.01 05:42 SAtechnewsbot Twitter prohibits sharing of personal photos, videos without consent

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2021.12.01 05:42 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Tech] - UK competition watchdog orders Facebook to sell Giphy | The Hindu

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2021.12.01 05:42 Kind_Bike_947 Hay algún grupo??

Hay algún grupo??
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2021.12.01 05:42 SAtechnewsbot South Africa’s e4 sets up new venture in UK

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2021.12.01 05:42 royalredover [H] Upgrade your own Canva Pro account lifetime [W] 2$ via PayPal or Cryptocurrency

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Thank you.
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2021.12.01 05:42 CryptoSharky7 Binance-Mobox launch! Mobox(entering the top 100 CMC, listed on Binance, new ATH today) is a P2E metaverse launching Phase 1 on the Binance ecosystem. To celebrate they giveaway $1,000,000 in NFT's, only accessible via the Binance app. Only by using an invite code(8365273). All info in the post:

Binance-Mobox launch! Mobox(entering the top 100 CMC, listed on Binance, new ATH today) is a P2E metaverse launching Phase 1 on the Binance ecosystem. To celebrate they giveaway $1,000,000 in NFT's, only accessible via the Binance app. Only by using an invite code(8365273). All info in the post: The MOBOX MOMOverse Phase One is launching on the Binance ecosystem ! MOMOverse is the first metaverse to integrate with the Binance ecosystem, which is only accessible via the Binance app.
They giveaway $1,000,000 in NFT's in a draw just for registering via the Binance app. You need an invite code(8365273) to enter this megadraw. And just for signing up you"ll also recieve an Avatar-NFT that can be used to farm MBOX for free! A win-win here and if you're also able to win a MOMO NFT we're talking serieus money!
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My ID: 8365273 Thank you and good luck!!!
My ID: 8365273 You can also just scan the above QRcode with the Binance app if you like. Thank you and good luck!!!
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2021.12.01 05:42 slcginger Fired due to future expectation of absenteeism

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2021.12.01 05:42 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - GST mop up in November at ₹1.31 lakh crore, second highest since rollout | The Hindu

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2021.12.01 05:42 jobsinanywhere Antonio Rudiger 'not interested in signing new Chelsea contract with Real Madrid confident of signing defender'

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2021.12.01 05:42 heretostudy219 anyone worked on Odoo using react-native-odoo/react-native-odoo-promise-based ?

I have created Odoo method but I don't know while creating a connection which ip or url to hit.
While working on my local machine, I used to hit localhost and just that I was getting data from the server. But now I want to get the same data.
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2021.12.01 05:42 chapodrou Diable by Iram Awad

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2021.12.01 05:42 RoundUpbeat201 NAKRESLIL JSEM MITHOVA LOGA.

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2021.12.01 05:42 ravmIT Tolkien/Lovecraft-ish Adventure books?

Hi all,
Brand new DM here.
I have a question while DND beyond has got the cyber week sales going.
I have Dragon of Icespire Peak and the Lost Mines of Phandelver and I am wondering which adventure book for 5E I should buy next?
I play online mainly due to being an introvert and having no real life friends who play lol.
I loved these 2 starter adventures because I love Tolkien like creatures such as orca, goblins, elves, dragons etc.
What other good adventures do you recommend that have these creatures as well?
Also just read The Call of Cthulhu so if there are any lovecraftian adventures I would consider those too.
Also, I have been running these all from a tablet instead of the physical books. Do you also do this and find it more comfortable than flipping through the actual books?
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2021.12.01 05:42 Operations8 Windows Explorer slow on Synology network shares

I have noticed when i use my network shares on my Synology DS3617xs from my laptop or desktop (so multiple computers) the Windows Explorer is slow / hangs. My laptop is a Lenovo 570 and pc js a AMD 3900x system so quite recent..
When i rename a folder on my Synology my Windows Explorer hangs for quite a few seconds. When i try to copy something i takes about 20 seconds before it starts.
I am using a wired 1Gb connection. When i ping the synology there are no timeouts.
It takes a while but when the copying has started i am getting 100+ MB/s.
When i use the Windows Explorer from my laptop to a network share on my desktop i am not having this problem (and vice versa).
My android phone using sFTP to reach the same network shares on the Synology and is not having this problem.
There is no difference is using Windows 10 21h2 or Windows 11. My Synology is on DSM7.0.1 now but the problem was also there when still at DSM6.
The load on my systems and synology is very low. My systems are using m2 NVME's. WD Black in AMD system and Samsung 980 Pro in laptop. The Synology is running on 9x1,92TB Micron SSD. Laptop has got 16GB and AMD has got 64GB (same as synology) memory. The systems and Synology are running very smooth, like i said except when i am using network shares on the Synology.
Any ideas what is causing this? And how to solve?
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2021.12.01 05:42 opticus44 [NG 0][BL 79][DBP]

Pass: BB
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2021.12.01 05:42 the_loquat_empire My parents' colleague's daughter committing suicide is devastating, but I just need to change my music

So the title may seem a bit confusing, but let me explain. Yesterday morning, the daughter of one of my parents' colleagues, who was only 16 years old, committed suicide. It's indeed very sad and I wish someone was there for this girl so she wouldn't have to go through this.
So, after my parents said what a tragic event this was, they wondered why she would do that? And the first thing my mom said was "Do you thing they'll find one of those apps on her phone?". I have no idea what app she was talking about, but I believe she was thinking about something like the Blue Whale or whatever it was called, a challenge game that existed some years ago and quite a few people died because of it. So, apparently, the only reason of a 16 y.o. to commit suicide would be a stupid challenge.
After that, my mother mentioned another 16 y. o. girl that had died a few days ago and was on the news. They said that she jumped from the sixth floor. From what mom said, in the news they said that she had a fight with her father about her school grades and stuff and after that she locked herself in her room and a bit later she jumped. And my dad commented, and I quote, "Very exaggerated reaction". Like, yes, I'm sure she decided to die because of one fight with her dad. Doesn't it cross your mind that maybe that was a constant phenomenon? That maybe her father pressured her about her grades all the time? Maybe she felt like she would never be enough for him? Of course I'm speculating now, I can't really know. But you can't really believe that the only reason was a fight.
Anyway, after my long talk between my parents about how awful it is that young girls die and being unable to understand why, I felt pretty sick. A few years ago I had told my parents I was suicidal, because I couldn't take it anymore and I desperately needed professional help. They told me that what I need is to change the music I listen to, because it is depressing and it's making me depressed. So, to all the people who suffer from depression, just change your music. You're cured now. You can thank my parents. I asked them to she a psychiatrist and they agreed to take me to one of those of the state who are free. Mind you, at the time my mom paid to see one, but I guess I wasn't worth enough for that to even be an option. For the first appointment I had, my dad drove me there and after the session he drove me back home. As we were in the car, he told me "I don't understand what you expect to get out of this". And I, feeling very awkward with the discussion altogether, just said that well I just needed someone to help me understand what's wrong with me. And what he replied was "Well, no one can help you if you don't know how to yourself". And I cry even when writing this because it was like he was saying that whatever I do I can never be free from these awful feelings of emptiness and sadness. When I got to the point of asking my parents for therapy, it was because I knew I couldn't help myself. And here was my dad telling me that, since I couldn't, no one could.
After that I didnt ask my dad to drive me there again, I decided to take the bus. However, after a couple of appointments with the therapist of that institute I stopped going altogether. There were several reasons for that. First of all there was no communication between the stuff. I saw the psychiatrist, he told me to she a therapist, I went to the therapist, answered all the same questions I had answered to the psychiatrist and she told me that maybe I should she a psychiatrist, which meant that the two of them had never talked to each other about me. Also, the therapist was awful and she made me feel even more worthless so I didn't want to she her again. But of course I still needed help. And now I was afraid to ask my parents again, because they didn't seem willing to pay for therapy. I guess my life wasn't worth so much or I guess they never really took me seriously.
So anyway, what I'm trying to say is how mad I am that my parents keep saying what tragic events those suicides were and how they can't understand how this could have happened, while when I asked for their help, they didn't really provide it. I could be one of those girls. The only reason I'm not is because I fought all by myself and, if I'm honest, because I was too cowardly and scared of the pain to do it. 'Cause there were times that I had completely let go. If I was a bit braver I wouldn't be here now. I hate my parents for how they treated me back then and for not being there for me. Something was broken between me and them and it can never be repaired and I can never love them the same way I did before that.
I'm sorry for the long post and thank you if you took the time to read it.
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2021.12.01 05:42 Macquaria Look closer

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