ndbtt tr5hf drs33 ri7h2 i2feb k35kr f4tih a626b 78sn2 f58bb zn45t 6ehzt 36hfe sh9eb bbayr 24hz6 ihhab 56fas 33k98 tresz hy3hd $10 (£~7.40) worth of Bitcoin FREE for $100 trade with Gemini - Brave BAT crypto wallet partner |

$10 (£~7.40) worth of Bitcoin FREE for $100 trade with Gemini - Brave BAT crypto wallet partner

2022.01.24 20:05 TightAsF_ck $10 (£~7.40) worth of Bitcoin FREE for $100 trade with Gemini - Brave BAT crypto wallet partner

Last post was removed because I copied the instructions from a previous post (sorry Mod). But the info here is still good:
First off, if you don't use Brave Browser then check it out (brave_browser). Its basically Google Chrome with adblockers and it can pay you in BAT crytpo if you want to be served some ads. In today's prices, I have earned ~£10 of BAT since they linked up in September (See here, but I'm keeping it to see where it goes).
Brave partners with the Gemini crytpo exchange, who are offering $10 to each of us if/when you sign up using my referral link and then buy or sell at least $100 in crypto.
If you haven't heard of Gemini, it was set up by the Winklevoss brothers! Here's the links for those of you who know what to do:
Bonus referral link: https://gemini.com/share/78evz8ztp
No bonus standard link: https://gemini.com/
For those of you who don't:

Best part about Gemini is that they allow 10 free withdrawals per month (so you can move your crypto to another exchange for free) and GBP/normal money deposits/withdrawals are free too!
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2022.01.24 20:05 MrGalaxyCat640 Dialga's new form be like

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2022.01.24 20:05 i-hate-usernames2000 Apartments with electric car charging

Does anyone have recommendations for apartment complexes with electric car charging in or around Raleigh?
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2022.01.24 20:05 P_Gizmo Has anyone here taken Viibryd during their pregnancy?

Hi there,
I'm a 32 f with a history of severe anxiety, depression and OCD. I've tried nearly all the antidepressants my doctor can think to give me, from SSRIs to SNRIs to tricyclics to miscellaneous ADs and everything in between. On the other meds, I haven't gotten any relief, my mental health is terrible, and I have so many really bad side effects. Just recently, we decided to try me on Viibryd and I finally feel like I'm getting my life back. It seems to be the only medication that is cooperating with my body chemistry and helping my mental illness improve.
The thing is, it's a fairly new medication and there aren't any studies or much information on its safety during pregnancy. One of my big anxieties is about being on meds during pregnancy and having a bad outcome, so this really concerns me. However, I don't know that I would be able to cope with a pregnancy without this med as my mental illness would be too bad to even manage to get pregnant.
My question is, has anyone else here been on viibryd during their pregnancy? If so, how did it go?
I will need to have a c-section when I get pregnant also, due to the myomectomy surgery I had last year, so that is another concern (since antidepressants can increase bleeding risk), so I would also be interested to hear from those of you who were on viibryd (or other SSRI's) and had a c-section :)
Thank you so much, I am so grateful to have found this community! It really helps me to feel less fearful about controlling my mental health issues with meds during pregnancy, something that can bring so much guilt to so many of us.
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2022.01.24 20:05 corydlg Am I at the point where we seek an investor?

I've been posting a lot lately between here and marketing talking about the ups and downs of my business and I want to start by saying thanks for all the great advice that has come from posting in these groups.
In these conversations there's been a lot of comment on my business model and trying to find ways to strengthen the process. I own my own independent radio show and ideally I want to make it a national program. Instead of trying to go the syndication route, I've been buying the airtime myself, that's an expensive and slower model for growth but it gives me more freedom as far content and control go. So while I'm in a few major markets, until I can sell all the ad space I can't afford to spread my wings even further and sales isn't MY strong suit.
One of the ways to change/fix/improve the situation is to seek either an investor to either loan me the money I'd need or purchase a stake in the company. This brings with it it's own set of problems, I don't know how to structure the deal, and while I know what it would cost to scale up the business quickly I'm not sure that an investor or partner is the best long term answer. The money would let me bring on a team of people who can handle ads and things of that nature while also getting the airtime set up for a national broadcast not just a few markets, ultimately I don't even know where to start.
Where would I find investors? What are the things I should be looking out for. Am I going to come out better with a loan or an investment? Which is the better fit for this business model.
Help my confused little head.
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2022.01.24 20:05 spoopy_intensifies Endwalker can be summed up in two very important words

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2022.01.24 20:05 H-GEM why are yall still wearing suspenders to dances

i thought this was just part of the quirky mustache phase
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2022.01.24 20:05 Lopa86 Samhälle

Alla klagar om greenpass i Sverige men samtidigt alla vet vart du bor och hur mycket pengar tjänar.. vilken dubblestandart!!!
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2022.01.24 20:05 MLundeen1 Hey! Has anyone ever seen Jordan reps in size 12.5? It’s my preferred size and everywhere I look it’s size 12 or 13…..no 12.5. Not a big deal, just curious.

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2022.01.24 20:05 Calm-Satisfaction722 Liability when you guys inevitably get hacked

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2022.01.24 20:05 Successful_Sea_2910 NYU to USD

Hi, I am currently an undergrad and go to NYU but want to transfer to USD Knauss Business. Is there anyone who I can message and ask questions? Thanks!
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2022.01.24 20:05 Nerdy_Noodle_47 Minecraft Buddies

Hey everyone! I am looking for more friends who play Minecraft. I have both Bedrock and Java. I don't have a server on Java but if you know of a good one I'm down to play on it. Comment or message me if you're interested!
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2022.01.24 20:05 Count_my_shit_posts So if Feitan was super constipated, and took an extremely painful shit, would he be able to activate pain packer?

Like if he took a shit like the one randy marsh from southpark did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaX37OP7rpc
Could also be a counter to getting sneaked up on while he was on the toilet.
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2022.01.24 20:05 EroticBreadLoaf Quick question about prioritizing macros on gym/non gym days.

Hi all, pretty much title. On gym days i end up in a calorie deficit and on non gym days I try to stay at maintenance or slightly above. I’m working on maintaining muscle and building strength (so far so good) and cutting the excess fluff (aren’t we all? Lol)
I’m wondering how to most efficiently stack my macros. On maintenance days I usually have high protein, and an even amount of carbs and fat, give or take. On gym days I usually have high carb/fat and a bit lower protein.
Would it be more beneficial to up protein/fats on gym days or protein/carbs? On maintenance day - higher fat/carbs? Other combos?
Hope that makes sense and thanks for any input!
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2022.01.24 20:05 BernhardKuchinger Ändlech 😳

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2022.01.24 20:05 tinashect fountain

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2022.01.24 20:05 monsieurpoupon What do your neighbors think about you?

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2022.01.24 20:05 Super_Helicopter4501 unknow mini

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2022.01.24 20:05 SoloPrac39 WTS/WTT: Old school Novation Circuit, Presonus Atom Controller, and Volca Sample 1. Cheap!

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2022.01.24 20:05 stehaufMisfit50 Advice about Colonialtown?

Hello, My family and I are looking to possibly move to the orlando area and am curious about Conialtown. Is it a good place to raise a family? Safe? Any big concerns fron current residents? Good schools? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
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2022.01.24 20:05 yel3an does jordan exist?

View Poll
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2022.01.24 20:05 matthew_caspian The 1974 Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident: An Egg-Shaped Craft, Unmarked Helicopters & Alien Bodies

The Berwyn 1974 incident was one of the major UFO encounters to come out of the United Kingdom.
On 20 January many eyewitnesses claimed they had seen heard an explosion, felt the ground shake and seen a bright shaped large object at the top of the Berwyn Mountain range in North Wales.
This was followed up by an apparent retired military employee claiming he had witnessed alien bodies being removed from boxes at Porton Down, a research facility in the UK.
It's hard to discredit the eyewitnesses on the UFO, but it is also difficult to just take the word of the apparent military officer who claimed to see alien bodies, of which we still don't know his name.
Full story in the link at the top, thought some of you might like this and would be interested to hear on peoples opinions.
Cheers Matt
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2022.01.24 20:05 Milkallama Check out my strain impression?

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2022.01.24 20:05 test111111273 Im trying to get a full list of breweries in Vancouver, can yall let me know if im missing anything?

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2022.01.24 20:05 Hoosier_49 Which castaway’s persona was the most fake?

As in, nothing about them was authentic and they did it just to play a TV character. While a lot of people might cite Fairplay as the original, I think people like Elisabeth tried playing things up big time to the TV very early on.
But over 41 seasons, I’m not sure there has been anyone whose persona was as fake as Phillip, in my opinion
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