Just saying - if u love highly this is a super similar sound

2022.01.24 20:04 Buckeye024 Just saying - if u love highly this is a super similar sound

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2022.01.24 20:04 Stock-Childhood-503 which 5th tier ice would help this

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2022.01.24 20:04 lacymae1 BBW offering toyshows and content on onlyfans page 50% off for valentines day

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2022.01.24 20:04 JoelLInton123 Sandman's motivation

He wanted to activate the box that would send everyone back so he could see his daughter again. The Spideys wanted to wait until they cured everyone to use it and electro wanted to destroy it so they would stay in this universe forever. Flint always just wanted to go home. He was tired of waiting for Pete to push the button and was worried about it getting destroyed most likely.
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2022.01.24 20:04 Fizzle_Fuze New Mods: Bugswatter & All The Stories!

Hi Everyone!
I've got a couple of new mods for you this week: Bugswatter and All The Stories!

Bugswatter fixes a couple of bugs in the latest version of Surviving Mars. I'll add more as I become aware of them.


All The Stories!
All The Stories! let's you tweak the % chance that a category of story-bits (random events, mini-mysteries etc.) will be selected to start a story-bit. This mod requires Bugswatter, as increasing the chance of a category being selected makes the bug where story-bits won't start even worse.
You can set the chance for each category anywhere from 0 (never) to 100 (always when not on cooldown). Check out the release notes for details about the available categories and default chances.

Here are the links for download; have a good game!
Steam: Bugswatter: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2729764971 All The Stories!: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2730719659
Paradox: Bugswatter: https://mods.paradoxplaza.com/mods/36701/Any All The Stories!: https://mods.paradoxplaza.com/mods/36742/Any
Please let me know what you think, and take a quick second to rate the mods. I've set up a collection of my mods on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2720943663
Cheers! FF
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2022.01.24 20:04 PsychoticSycophant Anyone notice this sneaky upload? 🇨🇦

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2022.01.24 20:04 Redraddle A Yamaha av receiver.

I recently bought a Yamaha htr-5960 amplifier for $20. Considering I'm only using it to power several speakers and not for video, did I get a good deal, and does anyone have any thoughts?
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2022.01.24 20:04 Infinisil WebAuthn server library for public key-based authentication

Tweag and Mercury is happy to announce a server-side library for the the WebAuthn standard (part of the FIDO2 project), available as webauthn on Hackage! If you have a web server written in Haskell that allows users to create and log into accounts, this library might interest you, and we'd love to have feedback as we refine the interface of the library. The source of the library is available here, feel free to open issues, PRs or leave a comment here!
The WebAuthn standard allows users to easily and securely authenticate to websites with public key credentials, generated and stored on secure authenticators like Yubikeys, TouchID, TPM and more. This can either be used to secure accounts with second-factor authentication, or as a first factor, allowing users to log in without a password or even a username. See here for a WebAuthn guide and demo. Here's another and another demo.
Originally forked from a hackathon project by Arian and taking inspiration from an alternative implementation by Fumiaki (also known as webauthn-0 on Hackage), this library has been developed by a team at Tweag, as contracted by Mercury, whose intention is to sponsor a good open-source library for the Haskell ecosystem, many thanks!
While the general design of the library isn't expected to change very much, it should currently still be considered an alpha version, as Mercury and ideally others try out the library and give feedback. As such, if you have a website with user accounts running on Haskell, we'd love for you to try it out and tell us what could be improved! To get started, here are our recommendations:

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2022.01.24 20:04 UnripeGold My 11 month kitty was diagnosed with HCM

Does anyone have any advice? The vet didn’t give me too much information, is this a death sentence for Ozzy? what’s his life expectancy. Just a crazy day looking for advice / good news.
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2022.01.24 20:04 RedSmileGroup #grownup #love #happy #life #socialmediaisnotreallife #excited #family #adult #scary #babes #cute #work #job #jobs #success #responsibility #boss #grownupbutnot #firstworldproblems #interview #sex #meme #selfie #jomo #mentalhealthmatters

#grownup #love #happy #life #socialmediaisnotreallife #excited #family #adult #scary #babes #cute #work #job #jobs #success #responsibility #boss #grownupbutnot #firstworldproblems #interview #sex #meme #selfie #jomo #mentalhealthmatters submitted by RedSmileGroup to RedSmileGroup [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 20:04 dogpronouncer First time spray painting a rifle

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2022.01.24 20:04 kellygrrrl328 RHOBH newbie Diana serving looks

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2022.01.24 20:04 autotldr Oath Keepers founder expected in court on Jan. 6 sedition charges

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 67%. (I'm a bot)

Now, prosecutors say Rhodes was a central figure in the events of Jan. 6 - and that he planned to continue a violent effort to prevent the transfer of power in the days that followed.
They identified Rhodes early on as a key driver of calls for violence in the run-up to Jan. 6 unless Trump remained in office, and he publicly called on Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and deputize the Oath Keepers to violently impede the transfer of power - a call many of them referenced in private messages obtained by prosecutors over the last year.
The yearlong delay in arresting and charging Rhodes may be a point of contention at Monday's court hearing on whether he should be detained pending trial.
While prosecutors contend Rhodes is too dangerous to be released, Rhodes' attorneys - Phillip Linder and James Lee Bright - are expected to argue that the authorities have undermined their argument by letting Rhodes remain free for a year despite the clear signs of his involvement in the events of last January and the fact that Rhodes' whereabouts since that time have been well known.
After an initial court appearance here the day after his arrest, Rhodes was originally expected to appear before U.S. Magistrate Judge Kimberly Priest Johnson last Thursday for a detention hearing.
Whichever side loses in Monday's hearing can appeal Johnson's ruling to U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta in Washington, who is assigned to the conspiracy case where Rhodes was charged.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Rhodes#1 prosecutors#2 last#3 Jan.#4 conspiracy#5
Post found in /politics.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2022.01.24 20:04 daniel_charles I was showing off some favorite screenshots to my sister, and I thought you'd all appreciate them too (These are from various builds, and very cc heavy)

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2022.01.24 20:04 doinkrollin Are Anime-Collect OR StatuePro legit?

I'm determined to buy a Legendary Book (Piccolo) figure, and other than those two sites the only place I can find it for sale is eBay, for twice the price. Has anyone bought from either site before? Do they have PayPal protection?
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2022.01.24 20:04 Judahfist F**k those stupid F**king spiders!!!

I've played Satisfactory on and off a little bit. Decided to pick it back up this past weekend and check out the updates. I played enough before to know to avoid the caves at all costs. Well yesterday I'm running around looking for whatever resource, across the same patch of land that I had run through just a bit ago, and I hear something behind me. I turn around to see five or six spiders chasing me. I immediately freak and try to run but they are too damn fast. So I have to fight them all the while screaming my face off. I'm not in a cave or anywhere near one as far as I know. Completely unexpected. I kill them, regain my composure and keep doing my thing.
Not long after that I've climbed a mountain looking for the same whatever and I, again, hear something behind me. I know this sound. I quickly turn around and see not a bunch of little spiders but one BIG spider charging at me. I nope right the fuck out of there, screaming...again. I hear it behind me hissing and it's fast. I could try to run down the safe path but decided to take me chances and jump off of the mountain cliff. I get out of my chair and shake the imaginary spiders off of me. I almost quite right then and there.
Then I remembered someone saying something about an arachnophobe mode. I enabled that. Eventually I come across a cave where I would expect there to be spiders. I see a colorful glowy thing. Couldn't tell what it was. I'm like 'ooh what's that' because noob here. Then it moves and then comes at me. I turn and sprint as fast as I can away. I know exactly what this is even thought it doesn't look like it and I still hate it. Didn't realize until reading about it later that it was a picture of a cat that I saw.
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2022.01.24 20:04 Watching-Watches Pens kept falling down so I made this.

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2022.01.24 20:04 birdbarilla Facial hair after laser treatment

23M, 175 cm, 70 kg, white, no medications, no smoking, no previous medical issues
I don't know if this is the right place to post, but when I was 16 I had problems with acne, it wasn't that bad but I decided to go to a some kind of beauty salon since I knew the lady that worked there and she said it would help. I can't remember all of it but at the end she used a laser thing that flashed and burned like hell. She would put some kind of lube or cream on it and then use it where the acne were.
Before she did it she asked me if I wanted to have a beard, I said probably but didn't think much of it, so she didn't do it on and around my chin. Now I'm 23 and my beard grows only there and nowhere else.
I asked her recently about it and she said that it won't regrow unless some hormonal change happens but that will never happen so it won't regrow. I was quite dissappointed so I didn't ask anything else.
Is there a way to undo this? Is it possible to achieve this hormonal change? I'm really angry that I let this happen as I knew I probably will want a beard one day. And to top it off I had acne for 5 more years. Please help.
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2022.01.24 20:04 lilcrime69 Augor MSK, Los Angeles 2007

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2022.01.24 20:04 spadoink756 Twelve miles of mud, Fast track. Two laps. Go get dirty! Blueprint SC 441 836 298

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2022.01.24 20:04 The_Mishka_Green Excited for my new hat!!! Let’s Go Rams!!!

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2022.01.24 20:04 Rahoodles I'm not much of a reader but the first Odd Thomas book grabbed me. I'm starting to get a bad feeling about the rest of the books though.

Normally not much of a reader outside of comic books but I fell in love with Odd Thomas after seeing the movie.
Read the first book feverishly and adored it. I then read the rest and fell a bit more out of love. Currently on Odd Hours and am struggling to get through it.
I was REALLY hoping to get more info on Bodachs and the room. You know the one.
I'm not going to get that info am I...I'd rather not have anything spoiled but just knowing whether or not I can stop hoping.
Also A.M. is so so annoying. Just answer a God damn question. Holy shit.
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2022.01.24 20:04 Aromatic_Lychee_1850 What kind of shell is this?

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2022.01.24 20:04 ImOnly1in42million Can you buy crypto on celsius with an american express credit card?

do they accept amex?
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2022.01.24 20:04 Cringemeister600 [Unkown > English] looks like sketchy redbull.

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